a skillset that's applicable across projects

My interest in illustration stems from an enduring love of all things gustatory, a lengthy background in visual/written communication and the whimsy of children's picture books. A range of academic and professional experience has allowed these interests to grow and grow and grow.

1. Multidisciplinary storyteller with experience across visual and written media: illustrator, journalist, editor, food stylist. Four year BA in Communications, with a focus on journalism. 

2. Work published in Cuizine: the Journal on Canadian Food Cultures, Where Winnipeg magazine, Ciao! magazine, Canadian Geographic magazine, SBC Media magazines.

3. Food and culture researcher with experience in presentation and publication. MA in Intercultural and International Communications with focus on the role of food as a springboard for intercultural relationship-building, informed by field study in India.

4. Keen observer of the world. A stealthy art detective.  Beloved career in the community-building and charitable sector has given me a sharp eye for finding beauty in the everyday.

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