editorial illustration

I approach editorial illustration with a unique perspective: a lengthy background in written storytelling, community building, intercultural communication and food media. Using these skills in tandem, I create visual stories that are attention grabbing and convey thoughtful depth in messaging.

1. My rendition on LA Times spread for 'Week of Meals' with Chef Jenny Dorsey. This assignment focused on showcasing more transparency on what ingredients cost.

2. The Art of Tea Rituals

3. My rendition on the LA Times 'Week of Meals' series with recipe developer Paola Briseño González. Focus on the impact of food on intercultural relationship-building. Winner of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's Sketch Comp, 2021

4. I Can't Imagine

A look into how adults can foster and reconnect with their sense of wonder.

5. To Market, Meat Market?

Pandemic dating: open-air  farmer's markets have become a new safe space for first dates.

6. Set The Tone

Guests are influenced by the first offering of the evening. Warm olives are the way to their hearts.

7. BLT: the GOAT 

A retrospective on the greatest (sandwich) of all time.

8. Sangria: not the drink you think

The complicated history of a tourist's favourite cocktail.

9. Pandemic Pets

solation has led many to adopt animals and there have been life-changing benefits to these new found relationships.

10. Jelly Belly

This old favourite is revisiting tables this holiday, with popularity across the very old to the very young . . . and a few in between.